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Posted in: , 03/24/2020

With COVID-19 causing so much uncertainty in the world, we wanted to take a moment to reach out and let you know we are here for you. At Beverly Hills Egg Donation, we are committed to helping our intended parents not only find a donor, but to support you through the entire egg donation process. Our team is working remotely fulltime and we are available for anything you need, and to answer any questions you may have.

The fertility clinics across that country that we work with all have their own plans and protocols in place, and we are following their individual guidelines dur...


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Traditional Cycle

In a traditional cycle, one recipient is matched with one donor for one cycle. If a successful pregnancy is not achieved and all normal embryos have been used, the recipient is eligible for a second cycle with no agency fee.

Shared Cycle

In a shared cycle, two or more recipients will share eggs from one cycle with one donor at one clinic. Each recipient pays an agency fee and legal fees. Shared expenses include donor fee, donor insurance, and donor travel (if applicable). Medical expenses are determined by the clinic. This option is not subject to our free rematch policy unless specifically outlined in the agency agreement.

Frozen Eggs

We work with some clinics that offer frozen eggs. The donor choices are limited. If you are interested in frozen eggs, please contact us. This option is not subject to our free rematch policy.